A smartwatch, a laptop, a smartphone, and a sales terminal all showing a circle with a checkmark in it and the word Approved below.

Customer making payment with credit card in a store.
Three people sitting on a couch and looking at one person's tablet while chatting.

Illustration of a house on a phone representing enhanced perception.

Perception améliorée

94% des utilisateurs ont déclaré être plus favorables envers les partenaires technologiques.¹

An illustration of a circle pointing in different directions representing customization.

Personnalisation intégrée

Des jeux de couleur, des fonds et des options de design permettent de vous démarquer.

Illustration of a hand holding a Visa card.

Intégration facile

Le Marketing sensoriel Visa exige un effort d’ingénierie minimal.

A woman and a man looking at a tablet together.
Customer making a payment in a store.